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Finally Now We Talk.

People working in radio who continuously provide you entertainment as well as correct information and become a means of taking your voice to the radio. So now we know about the radio team who is always ready for you.

Every success story has a strong, dedicated team behind it that never stops fighting for wins. Together, a successful team knows where it’s going and why. It shares a purpose – a reason every single person on that team gets up out of bed each day, steps out onto the playing field and tackles all challenges with passion.. We all know we are successful not through skyrocketing numbers but if we manage to build a community of listeners, who cares for us as deeply as we care for them. Keep coming back to us and tell us what you love, because there’s nothing more precious than your views that makes us happier!

Programming Head & Radio Jockey & Host

Raksha Upadhyay

NAAM SE Ru( Raksha upadhyay) Kaam se Ruh Tak Chu jaati hai inke awaaz . It is known among the people as Dear Raksha. She is a motivational speaker and social media influencer. She is very spontaneous in activity plan and ideas. She takes full care of how creatively the programs can be delivered to the people on radio .She's witty nature and sense of humor makes her very attractive among the people. Her voice makes her more appealing. Very good connection with local people. She likes to face challenges, she loves listening to music and interacting with people, she is honest, keen observer, compassionate jockey, and eager to learn new things, social grounded personality down to earth personality and potential. She has the ability to work both as an individual and as part of a team

Ankit Rawat

Technical Head & Operations Incharge

He is Expert in his work and works well, He is dedicated towards his work. He play a role in observing, understanding and solving technical problems related to radio. His responsibility to resolve technical problems related to radio in a timely manner. He knows work on technical equipment and software like Canva, Adobe Audition and ATCMP. AND use technology in radio to make it better is their ability.

Sonika Lekhwar

Radio Jockey & Host

She usually talks in an energetic and engaging manner while hosting her show. Her most liked show by the listeners is ' Hamari Apni Pehchan' which talks about the culture, folklore, customs and festivals of Uttarakhand while connecting the local language. Their goal is to entertain the audience and maintain their interest. She plays music, tells jokes, and conducts interactive segments with the audience. Her communication skills, sense of humor, and knowledge about current events attract the audience. Overall, their goal is to provide an enjoyable experience to the listeners. And talking about new topics every day in her show, apart from her show she covers social work happening in the community. Work with new energy every day

Technical Support

Kareena Thalwal

Kareena Thalwal, who is known for her work at a young age, is very serious about her work and with her wisdom she solves technical problems in time. It responsibly ensures that there is no technical fault in the radio.

Prashant Gupta

Social Media Handler

He is not a digital expert, but he is adept at learning and capable of learning and working. Their job is to handle the social media of Radio Rishikesh and provide information to the community. He expresses his views simply and fearlessly.