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Radio Rishikesh 90FM

Radio Rishikesh has started functioning from 7th April 2023. A Radio Rishikesh 90FM community radio station support of the community it serves. We believe that the fabric of our community is stronger when all of its members have the opportunity to express their diverse interests, concerns, and points of view. We promote an exchange of ideas that enriches people’s lives.

Behind The Scene

Radio Rishikesh 90 FM is an initiative of Bhartiya Gramotthan Sanstha (BGS). BGS is involved in development of the community through various intervention and schemes of welfare as provided by various government and non-government departments for its beneficiaries. In connection to the above, BGS was permitted by Ministry of Information and Broadcast (MIB) for setting up a Community Radio Station (CRS) for the benefit of its beneficiaries and other audience in general in its project area. Radio Rishikesh will help in sharing information and creating awareness on different areas of concern like social issues, environmental issues, women related issues, educational topics etc. BGS has received all the mandatory permissions from local authorities and MIB for setting up the CRS in the premises of Bhartiya Gramotthan Sanstha. Radio Rishikesh has started functioning from 7th April 2023. Radio Rishikesh 90FM is a vital resource for building and sustaining community, standing ready to serve in times of emergency, airing locally relevant information and entertainment to listeners, creating a forum through which every voice can be heard and to allow them to participate in the development of their communities and contribute to building democratically resilient societies.

Why Our Podcast?

Radio Rishikesh 90 FM promotes an exchange of ideas that enriches people’s lives. Community radio is best described as “for the people, of the people and by the people”. Radio Rishikesh 90FM helps to preserve local culture and traditions. This ensures that the local culture and traditions of the community are continually being talked about, therefore, keeping them preserved. Our purpose is to amplify the voices of the excluded and marginalized through community media and sources, to support popular access to communications, and to defend and promote the development of community radio.

We all know we are successful not through skyrocketing numbers but if we manage to build a community of listeners, who cares for us as deeply as we care for them. Keep coming back to us and tell us what you love, because there’s nothing more precious than your views that makes us happier!
Every success story has a strong, dedicated team behind it that never stops fighting for wins. Together, a successful team knows where it’s going and why. It shares a purpose – a reason every single person on that team gets up out of bed each day, steps out onto the playing field and tackles all challenges with passion..


So tune in, tell your friends, crank it up!

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Popular Community Program

Suprabhat Bhajan
(Bhajan Mala) - Daily

Aaj ka vichar / Information (If any)

Weekly Program
Batein Aapse
(Interview of Local Talent )

Evening Programme

*Topics- Culture, Religion Women, Gaon ki Kahani, Purani Batein,... etc.

Paramparik Gyan
Traditional Knowledge

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